Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Goodbye Greenwich: My Last Blog

Hey Guys and Gals,

So this is it, my very last blog. I can’t believe my time at Greenwich has almost come to an end now. I have loved studying here and met some really amazing people on my course and I can’t wait to celebrate completing University with them in October at graduation J. I never even believed that I would get into University let alone leave with a 2:1 in a subject which I have genuinely really enjoyed studying.

As well as studying here I have also been working for the University’s Enquiry Unit for the past two years and have been here for three Clearings (including the current one) and my last day will be this Friday (22/08/2014). Although I am really looking forward to starting my new job, I know I am going to miss all of my colleagues’ sooo much because we all get along really well and I have had such a laugh working with them. Although at times we have been really busy and especially during Clearing the work is really fast paced, I have had the best time working here - so I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye L.

My three years of studying/ working have flown by super-fast and looking back I believe coming to the University of Greenwich was the best decision I ever made and I have met some friends that I know will be in my life forever (whether they like it or not mwahahaha - seriously they won’t get rid of me). For anyone who is still unsure if University is right for them I would definitely say go for it, I know it’s a big risk especially because of the loans a majority of us have to take out, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end. I started here as a shy, reserved girl who didn’t really have any confidence in herself and now that really has changed.

To anyone who has read my blogs over the past two years I want to say a massive thank you because I know at times they were incredibly random and my grammar isn't exactly the best. It means a lot that you took the time to read them, at first I thought it would just be my mum that would be but it turns out the statistics for my blogs were pretty good so unless my mum just kept refreshing the page I want to say thank you to all the people that did take the time to read them. Before I go I want to wish all of our continuing students’ lots of luck with the courses they are on and to all of our prospective/new students I hope you enjoyed studying here as much as I did.

I hope you all continue to have a great summer and wish you all lots of luck for the future.

Thanks for reading,



Thursday, 14 August 2014

New Job, New Home, New Life.

Hey Guys and Gals,

I hope you are all well. As the title of my blog suggests a lot has changed for me since I last spoke to you. There have been some pretty big changes going on and thought I’d share them with you.

Ok so the first change is: I got my first graduate job! I am really happy to be going on to work as a full time receptionist at Beths Grammar School in Bexley. Whilst I really cannot wait to start working full time in a lovely school, I will be sad to leave my current colleagues. I’ve been working in the Enquiry Unit now for THREE CLEARINGS! Which seems absolutely crazy to me but during that time I have met some great people who I am going to miss so much. The job has been great and whilst I’m ready to move on, it will mean that at the end of this month I will officially be gone from the University of Greenwich L. In regards to my blogs sadly they will be coming to an end, but I have one left to do for August so I will say a proper goodbye then.

My next big change is: I will FINALLY be moving out. Me & George have been looking at getting a place together for a while now and whilst we are still ‘flat hunting’ at the moment, it is finally going to happen after all these years of me saying I will leave my family home. I think my younger brother Mark is so overjoyed about this that he has actually put plans together about what to do with my bedroom when I leave – the cheek of it! I am looking forward to the independence but am equally terrified about being in charge of bills, cleaning, cooking and all of the other grown up stuff that comes with it. But seriously when I say I cannot cook, I’m not over exaggerating- I literally googled how to cook cheese on toast the other day that’s how bad it is lol. Oh well bad times for George haha. Even at the age of 21, I am still so much like a child and really I don’t want to grow up L haha I'm like the female version of Peter Pan. 

So yeah a lot of major things will be changing for me at the end of this month and I am super scared because they have all come at once but equally I am excited to start this next chapter of my life. That’s all from me today my lovelies, as I said I will be writing my final/goodbye blog before the end of the month but in the meantime take care and I will speak to you all soon!



Friday, 25 July 2014

Waiting for Graduation…

Hi Guys & Gals

How are you doing? I hope you are good and enjoying the summer break. I have been back working as one of the Clearing team for a couple of weeks now and it’s already been a laugh as it’s the first time this year all of my colleagues in the office have been together. The pace is gradually starting to pick up on the number of people, who have started to apply through Clearing so if you want a place at this University give us a call. For more info on the courses we have available have a look here: 

- (Yes there is someone on that page that may seem familiar, I apologise in advance for those photos- they are old and not my best- don’t let that put you off applying haha.)

So on Facebook, Twitter etc… I’ve been seeing everyone’s graduation photos and I am SOOOO jealous, I feel like I have to wait forever for mine. Ok, I’m being overdramatic it’s in October, but still I see everyone having all of their lovely photos in the sunshine and I wish it was me, knowing my luck it will be torrential rain on the day of my graduation, that will make for a great photo lol.

But nonetheless I am very excited for graduation and from what my friends have been telling me happens during the ceremony, it is very likely that I will cry (when do I not lol). I’ve already bought my dress and everything which is hilarious because the box office for the October ceremonies hasn’t even opened yet so I don’t even have a ticket, but hey I got my dress so it’s fine, right?  I can’t wait to actually put on the gown and everything and to finally celebrate properly my time here at Greenwich. I’m just worried that because my surname is Rumbles I will be towards the end of the people accepting their awards- I mean my dad could be asleep by that point so I may have to shout when I’m walking up lol. That being said I can’t wait to see all of the people on my course again and to become the ‘Class of 2014’.

I’m just worried that when we all come out my dad will say some cheesey speech like ‘we are so proud of you’- don’t get me wrong that’s lovely to hear and all but still it might be embarrassing. Bless him!

Right guys that is all from me today, I hope those of you that are graduating have a perfect day and enjoy yourselves (don’t trip over! hahaha).

Take Care lovelies,



Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ladies & Gentlemen, Early Clearing has started!!!

Hey Guys and Gals,

How have you all been? I haven’t spoken to you in what feels like forever- truth is it has been under a month but still feels like a long time haha. Anyways I hope you have all been good, I was told it was very nice weather here whilst I was away, until I came back and it hasn’t stopped raining since! I’ve just been away to the Algarve in Portugal for a few weeks which was lovveeeely, it rained there too on the first few days and I was freaking out thinking I wouldn’t get any sun, but luckily it soon brightened up for us – thank goodness!

I went with my family, George and my brother’s friend James and it was such a laugh! We got up to a lot whilst we were there, including going to a couple of waterparks, going kayaking, chilling in the villa and going to the beach – where I thought I was going to drown as me and my brother Mark decided it would be a brilliant idea to swim against the way the waves were going and we were quite far out as well! As much as I’d like to think I’m the female version of Michael Phelps I’m really not and so was very out of breath by the time we made it back to land haha. Seriously it took me over an hour to recover! I know last year I told you guys about my intense fear of flying, which for some bizarre reason has gotten a lot worse- anyways this year was George’s first time flying with me and let’s just say he left with scars indented in his hand from where my nails had dug in that much haha. Now as I have previously mentioned I am very pale in my complexion because I’ve got fair hair, but for the first time in my life I actually managed to get a tan this year- miracles do happen!

So this week I have returned back to Uni of Greenwich for the summer as Early Clearing is now officially open, so if any of you are applicant’s wishing to apply please get in touch with us via the information on our website. As of next week I am working full time for the University so you will still be getting blogs from me – mwahaha! I am really excited to be back full time because although Clearing is very hard work and really fast paced, we do always have fun working- plus it means I get to see all of my colleagues. We will also be having some lovely new people joining the Clearing team in August who I can’t wait to meet –so this summer is going to be a good one!

I have now received my official letter from the University to say I definitely got a 2:1 --- yay! Never in a million years did I think that would happen but am so glad it has and has actually been officially confirmed (probably shouldn’t have told people until I got the confirmation but still did - haha that would have been embarrassing if I was wrong.)

Right Guys that’s all from me today! I’ll speak with you soon.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Capital Summertime Ball ‘14

Hey Guys,

I hope you guys are all good and are enjoying this lovely weather we have been having. This blog is coming to you slightly earlier than I intended as I am going on holiday tomorrow until July – eek so excited. I am off to Portugal for a few days which will be epic- can’t wait to just kick back and to chill after all of the final year stress- aaaah! I will put some pictures up in my next blog from the trip.

So as this blog’s title suggests I am going to talk about my weekend and the fact I went to the SUMMERTIME BALL yesterday. It was so much fun, as I mentioned last blog I was going with my friend’s Amy, Stuart, Jack and his family. Overall there were 22 music acts and the ball latest a total of 7 hours. It was an amazing day and I had such a laugh. My favourite act of the day was Jessie J which I wasn’t necessarily expecting but she was incredible live and really involved the crowd as well which made it better for us. Watching Ed Sheeran was also amazing because he literally just had his guitar and his voice and that was it- so his performance was flawless. There were quite a few young boy-bands there as well like The Vamps, Rixton & Union J – which was hilarious because the screams were insane and I almost lost my hearing due to the volume of them. I’m going to have to be 100% honest here though and say that for 5SOS I was actually a large part of that screaming- they may be younger than me by a couple of years but still I am a big fan of theirs- so I traumatised my friend’s by screaming when they came on stage (the teenage girls had nothing on me haha). Some of the other acts that were really good were: Calvin Harris, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, Little Mix, Ella Henderson and Clean Bandit.

The two main acts of the night were Pharell and Miley Cyrus- who were both so great live, but to be honest it was obvious they would be anyway. When Pharell sung Happy the whole crowd (all 80,000 of them) were up on their feet dancing away. Miley Cyrus was actually really good as a performer; obviously she did a few controversial things too but that kind of goes without saying.

But yeah it was such a good day and I’d love to go again next year and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is into the more pop based artists, if you’re into hardcore heavy metal then I’d probably suggest this type of thing isn’t for you haha.

Right that’s all folks; I will be back blogging in July so I will talk to you all then. In the mean time I hope you continue to have a fab summer break J

Take Care



Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Random Acts of Kindness...

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you are all good and are enjoying your summer breaks so far! I definitely am and I have a few plans lined up throughout the summer which are exciting, including going to the Capital Summertime Ball next weekend – which will be amazing. There are a load of different artists there which include: Pharell Williams, Jessie J, Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris, 5SOS & Miley Cyrus. So it’s going to be a lot of fun and in the case of Miley Cyrus – quite interesting haha. I am going with my friends to celebrate GRADUATION – eek, even though our actual ceremony isn’t until October but hey why not start celebrating now right?

So since I last spoke to you I have pretty much been celebrating finishing uni- but now comes the sudden scare of attempting to find a job. As I said before I was given a conditional offer for MSc Therapeutic Counselling and I did manage to meet the conditions but after ALOT of thinking I have now deferred my place for one main reason – tuition fees. So whilst me and my family discussed the pros and cons and decided that really this was the best option for me I’m still scared because it officially means I won’t be a student anymore – well for a year anyway. The thing with me is I hate not knowing, as much as I really wish I was a laidback go with the flow kind of person- I’m not – at all.  So whilst part of not knowing what my future holds is exciting for the most part I’m terrified hahaha.

So during my time off I’ve been getting ready as I go to Portugal in a couple of weeks and today when I was down the town I saw an old lady who asked me to help walk her to the bus stop- which I did and we got chatting and everything and she was really really lovely and told me I’d made her day- my good deed didn’t necessarily pay off though because as I waved her goodbye I tripped over my own feet haha- but we’ll put that down to my clumsiness and not karma for the deed I did. But anyways it got me thinking that even by doing a little deed for someone you can make them happy. Like the other day I was walking down to uni and some random man walked past and went to me ‘smile and have a wonderful day’ and walked away, what he didn’t know is I was actually having a pretty rubbish day and was quite down in the dumps and by saying what he did he really did make my day. He didn’t need to do it but still did it anyway and wasn’t worried about being judged for it- so it made me think more people really should do that. I know it’s really cheesy but like they say ‘even a smile can go a long way’ and that is so true.

Right guys that’s it from me today, I will speak to you all soon. Enjoy the sunshine!

Take Care



Thursday, 29 May 2014

My University Story

Hey Lovelies,

Today I am going to talk to you about my university story; I know I keep you updated on a monthly basis but as my time at the University of Greenwich is drawing to a close, I wanted to talk to you about why I made the decision to come to University and about the past three years I have been studying here.

So I was studying my A-Levels at a school in Dartford and towards the end of my time there still had no idea what I wanted to do. I literally applied to University thinking there was no way in the world I would get in. Anyways come results day I was in Florida with my family and my mum came in after speaking to my Nana and told me that my first choice Greenwich had accepted me onto the BSc Psychology with Counselling- I was convinced she was lying but then I read my emails and saw it was true. I couldn't believe I'd made it into a University. I had gone through some personal struggles that year so to find out I now had been given such an amazing opportunity was kind of like an eye opener to me- that I had underestimated myself. 

I still remember my first day here, feeling like a little kid starting school all over again and not knowing anyone- but I met a group of people and made 2 amazing friends that I know will be part of my life forever (whether they like it or not) Jack & Amy.

My course was amazing and I promise I'm not just saying that- I have seriously learnt so much and met some amazing people and have been taught by some of psychology’s best academics. I have literally loved my time here, hence why I don't ever want to leave. Obviously there have been some hard times, being in the library at 3am isn’t ever fun but it was all worth it in the end. All of the hard work paid off…

So at about 9am this morning I found out what not only I got for my dissertation but also what I got (roughly) for my whole degree. I got a high 2:1 for my dissertation and a 2:1 overall for my degree and I never believed that I would ever be able to achieve that. I can't believe three years have already whizzed by and my time as a University student is complete. I have met some amazing people during my time here and whilst I'm not leaving yet (I still work for the Enquiry Unit) - my time as a BSc Psychology unit has been an unforgettable experience. To any prospective students out there I’d definitely say to apply for Greenwich – trust me when I say you won't regret it :) Here is me talking about why my decision to choose Greenwich, was the right one: 

That’s all from me today guys, as I mentioned I will still be working here this summer so you haven't heard the last from me yet haha.

Take Care,



Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beauty Is a State of Mind

Hello again Guys & Gals,

So exam season is upon us – ick, luckily I dodged all modules that had any when it came to choosing, but for those that do I wish you lots and lots of luck- I’ve been there! But you will do fine; just remember that exams indicate that summer is in sight – yaaaaay. For those that missed the last blog – you are still able to apply to work this summer if you want to earn some extra money this summer, the closing date for applications is May 23rd so make sure you get them in quick J. Remember you have to apply via Moodle now (see previous blog for exact details).

My problem at the moment is that I’m getting bored way too easily; I can’t sit still for more than an hour. Some of that boredom was lifted this week when I went to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 with George- whilst I thought the film was good (I have to say I do prefer Andrew Garfield to Toby McGuire- sorry) it wasn’t the film which I found memorable…

As we arrived early we caught the adverts beforehand which usually I find really boring as they’re selling cars, holidays and stuff I can never ever afford lol. But then this advert came on in which an American Psychologist was giving women who really struggled with self-confidence a beauty patch which would hopefully make them feel more beautiful as time went on, to capture this they had to keep a video diary. The women slowly began to feel more beautiful as time progressed and with that their confidence grew. After the trial period of this ‘beauty patch’ the woman come back and explain to the psychologist about how wearing this patch has made them feel more confident in their skin and had completely changed the way they view themselves. The psychologist then asks them if they want to see what’s in the patch- they turn over the packet to find the answer was NOTHING- it was all in their minds.

Check out the link below to watch the advert, which was done as a campaign for Dove:

Now as I said I was in the cinema and I literally burst into tears, and I don’t even mean a few sneaky ones I was literally crying for ages through the trailers as the advert was really powerful and struck home with me. My boyfriend was traumatised when he saw me hahaha, I have no idea why but the advert really made me emotional and still does when I watch it because of how powerful this simple message is, which is that: Beauty Is a State of Mind.

I really do encourage you watch it, you probably won’t get over-emotional like me (so embarrassing haha)  but still it is really worth watching.

That’s all from me today guys,

Take Care,



Monday, 28 April 2014

Clearing Jobs this Summer!

Hey Guys & Gals,

How’ve you been? I can now officially say my time as a Uni of Greenwich undergraduate student is over L but I will still be working in the office. This Summer I will be working here full-time- in clearing which is always really fun (and very busy). Applications are currently open for Clearing Assistants so as long as you are a student with this university you can apply (and you should – you will meet me- ok no, I don’t want to put you off). But seriously, if you are looking for a job this summer and are a current student with access to Portal you can apply J

All you need to do is:
  • Go to the “My Learning” tab
  • Click on ‘View your courses’ in the ‘My Courses’ block
  • In the ‘Search courses’ facility – enter ‘JobShop Campus’
  • Click on ‘JobShop Campus (campus jobs for current students)
  • Self-enrol yourself to add it to your list of Moodle courses (and the clearing assistant role is listed there)

Okay, so last time I spoke to you I told you a little bit about the party I was having- to celebrate my 21st. I decided to have a uniform themed party and everyone really made an effort in dressing up. It was a really good night and I got to see some friends and family who I haven’t seen for a while. Here are some pictures from the night:

Despite the fact I have now officially finished as a student, I have actually been really busy this week. Yesterday I went to Paradise Wildlife Park (I know what you’re thinking, from reading my past blogs you will know I spend my life in zoos) but this was for a Christmas present that had been booked for us a while back. It was amazing because I got to see some white lions which I haven’t seen since I had been to South Africa to see my granddad. They are by far my favourite animal. I won’t bombard you with photos, as I know my last two blogs have been very animal based. It’s a known fact about me is that ‘I like a zoo’ haha.

Right guys that is it from me today but I hope you are all well and want to wish you all lots of luck with your exams and final bits of coursework you have left to submit. You CAN do it- just bear in mind you have a nice long summer to look forward to.

Take Care Guys,



Friday, 11 April 2014

The Lion King

Hey Guys & Gals,

I’m 21!!!!! I’ve been a busy bee since I last spoke to you, so as well as celebrating my birthday I also handed in my dissertation- finally, so I’m almost done, I just have a few more pieces of work to do, but come April 26th I will be done as an undergraduate student – so scary!

For my actual birthday I had my family over which was really nice and we had a right laugh. I got very spoilt and was given lots of lovely birthday presents, but the best part was getting my birthday cake. As you may have read in my blogs before I am a massive Disney fan and my all-time favourite film is The Lion King. My mum found a lady who made me a gorgeous cake with Simba, Timon & Pumba on it and it only took her 2 weeks, it would’ve taken me years!!!!

Keeping on the theme of lions, I also went away this past weekend to the elephant lodge at Port Lympne Zoo with my boyfriend George and my best friend Jack and their family. It was amazing, I was expecting to go there and we stay in tents but these tents were done up really nicely and were huge and had all the appliances/furniture we could possibly want. Where we stayed we were overlooking the cheetah and elephant enclosures, which was so nice because the cheetah had just recently had 4 cubs who were so cute but didn’t take a liking to my boyfriend’s dad as you can see from the photos haha. It was a really funny weekend, spent with great people and I loved seeing all of the amazing animals that were there. Because we stayed in the lodge it meant we could go on private talks and see the animals up closer than we would usually be able to. 

On our last day it was quite heavily raining and me and my boyfriend’s sister Rebecca were walking over to a group of baboons’ who looked like they were cuddling and it was so cute, but as we walked over to take a photo one must have touched the electric fence and they all jumped up howling, OMG never in my life have I been so scared, I don’t know what exactly I thought would happen to me but they made me jump haha. It was an amazing weekend which I would definitely recommend!

That’s it from me today guys and gals, next blog I will show you some pictures from the party I’m having on the 19th J

Take care lovelies,


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Birthday Girl…

Hey Guys & Gals,

Now I don’t want to speak too soon but tomorrow my dissertation should be officially complete. I have finally finished, all I need to do is the contents J eek so so happy. I never thought I’d actually finish it but I have managed to – yay!

It’s not all over yet though; I have a clinical file to submit for counselling that is due in April, but that isn’t a massive piece of work, so the main work is over. I don’t have any exams though so I will be finitto when that is finished. I will still be working in the office though so my blogs will still be running – unluckily for you hahahaha!

I’m hoping that everything goes ok and I get onto the Master’s but if it doesn’t I will be officially leaving the university in October, although I really hope that doesn’t happen and I will chain myself to the Avery hill gates haha.

Also as I mentioned in the last blog I have a birthday coming up on Monday. I will be turning 21! Ah I am actually pretty excited for this birthday as it will be my last big one before I turn 30- yikes!  I won’t be doing too much to celebrate it on Monday as I am obviously still in university, but in April I am having a Uniform Themed Fancy Dress Party at my house. I am going as the female version of top gun. I can’t wait it will be hilarious, I will be sure to post pictures in my blog to show you what everyone comes as, I’m hoping it will be a great night and doesn’t rain or even worse snow as we will be in the garden-ick.

Right guys, that is me done for today. Next time I speak to you my dissertation will be submitted, I will be 21 and I will have finished all lectures of my undergraduate degree. AHHHHHH!

Speak soon lovelies,



Thursday, 13 March 2014

Statistics = My Worst Nightmare!

Hey Guys n Gals,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, I actually had forgotten what the sun looked like, it’s been so long since we’ve seen any. I thought I’d give you a quick update from my last blog which is my tooth still hasn’t been fully fixed but is expected to be today – grr. I hate the dentist with a passion now, I’m virtually living there atm. Since my last blog it has broken a further two times, but hopefully by tonight I will have a full set of working teeth- keep them crossed for me! Since last time I’ve also had an update on my tiredness and everything which was looked at in that sleep test I had to do, basically all I have is a Vitamin D deficiency, which is due to the lack of sunlight my skin absorbs, which makes sense 1. due to the weather and 2. Because the natural shade of my skin, seriously I’m paler than Casper the ghost.

 I am now approaching the end of my degree, which I am terrified about, purely because I have no idea where I’m going to go from here and to be honest I’m not actually ready to go out into the big wide world- ick! I had my interview for the MSc Therapeutic Counselling course and got a conditional offer of a 2:1, so unfortunately this university may be stuck with me for a while mwahaha. But we will see what happens with my grade classification first.

Now as this title of my blog suggests, statistics is something which is really getting on my nerves in my dissertation, I’d literally be sorted with my project is it wasn’t for stats- it is the biggest pain in my life. The sad thing is that I’ve actually been told to do one of the simplest statistical analyses ever, yet still using SPSS my brain just won’t grasp it. So I decided to take action and I bought my new ‘bible’ which is Psychology Statistics for Dummies, which I realise I can’t really reference in my dissertation because it will make me look like a doughnut. But seriously anyone in the same boat as me, I promise this book is the answer. It will probably pretty soon become my lifesaver (once I stop putting off doing statistics altogether- seriously I could find any excuse to put it off, I tidied my room the other day to stop from doing it). So yeah if any of you are like me it is definitely worth buying, I know it may not be the most advanced statistical manual ever made but at least it makes sense and doesn't talk in some advanced language which no one understands.

So seriously go and buy it! Right ladies and gents that’s it from me for today, I will be back to talk to you at the end of the month, where not only am I going to be turning 21 but will also hopefully of finished my dissertation.

Take care,



Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gappy Valentine’s Day!

Hey my lovelies,

Now this blog is obviously going to be about Valentine’s, however it is going to be about my experience this year if Valentine’s, which you will soon realise turned out to be a bit of a fail for me.

So I need to take you back to where this all started, which was 2-4 years ago in October. At the time I was a volunteer young leader and was running a game for the guide pack I worked at. So as part of the game I was holding hands with two or the guides and running in a circle, however on my run I smacked into a wall (follows on nicely from last week’s blog on my many disasters).  Anyway the outcome of that accident was me losing one of my front teeth. However, scarily enough the night before I’d had a nightmare of myself hitting my face with my hand and all my teeth falling out and them not being able to get fixed. So I was distraught at the time thinking like my dream I would be toothless forever.

Obviously my tooth got repaired and I knew when I approached my 21st birthday I would have to have a fake one put in as the repaired tooth would eventually fade, I honestly thought I wouldn’t need a false tooth until I was at least 60, but clearly I needed this. On Thursday in preparation for my crown which is being fitted next month I had a temporary tooth put in. Well on Thursday night I was eating away and it fell out- leaving me with NO front tooth! So at the start of Valentine’s Day I was toothless – it really was not a good look. I looked like the advert for cosodyl mouthwash. This also meant me and my boyfriend couldn’t go out as I can now only eat soft foods until my permanent tooth is fitted. My valentine’s day was not really all that romantic.

Whether you’re single, with someone, have an ‘it’s complicated’ status, I hope you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. I will speak to you guys soon, by which time I will hopefully have my teeth fixed!



Monday, 10 February 2014

Greenwich’s Clumsiest Student?

Hey Lovelies,

How’s everything going? It seems like ages ago that I last spoke to you when actually it wasn’t so long ago I’ve just been really busy with my dissertation. Now, as the title of this blog suggests today I’m going to talk to you about a number of ‘incidents’ that I have had whilst I’ve been a student here, because the number is ridiculous – I am WAY too clumsy!

So what have I done?
  • I’ve fallen UP the stairs outside the Mary Seacole building
  • I’ve fallen down all of the stairs outside Queen Anne Court and landed on all fours, the security guard I met whilst I worked at Greenwich during clearing then came over to help me and said ‘I wondered when you’d be gracing us with your presence again’.
  • I’ve got my memory stick jammed in the computer
  • I’ve had a coughing fit in the silent zone of the library
  • I’ve skidded on the grass (because the mud made it slippery) on my way to a lecture, that was my mistake I shouldn't have been walking on the grass after it rained.
  • I’ve reversed into a wall on Avery Hill campus when I had first passed my test
  • I’ve scratched my car on the hedge when parking at Avery Hill cause I reversed too far into it (I’m still not very good at parking)
  • I’ve slipped down a couple of steps on the inter campus bus service

Most recently I dropped my coffee on the dome floor, and by recently I mean this morning. So yeah needless to say I am an accident waiting to happen and although on their own those clumsy moments aren’t TOO bad, put them all together from the same person and I think it proves I am possibly one of the clumsiest students here at Greenwich. I can’t blame the university because they are all my fault! So all I’m saying is if you see me carrying a coffee – watch out! Haha I’m joking I’m not that bad, but still I’m not the most graceful person on this planet, let alone this campus.

In terms of uni work I’m still plodding along doing my dissertation I now have more or less everyone I need for my study but I had a massive gender imbalance and by that I had 10 girls to every 1 guy. But I’m getting there slowly. I will be sure to keep you all posted! I hope you guys are all finding your work alright – we can do this, we’ll get through it together J

Take care guys,



Monday, 20 January 2014

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone – Ahh!

Hey guys & gals,

How are we all this beautiful day? That’s a complete lie, it isn't a beautiful day- it’s freezing cold and windy outside but still I’m trying not to let the rubbish weather we've been having affect me.

So most of you would have started back on you r lectures by now, I have this week. I started a programme called Adult Development and Mental Health, which is run by Oliver Robinson and I have also started the Counselling Skills module run by Brinley Yare & Val Sanders. Both courses seem like they are going to be really enjoyable and are both subjects you know I am interested in.

The counselling skills module has been interesting, because it is completely different to any other course we have done before. We don’t sit behind desks and listen to a lecture; we get into groups and put the counselling skills into practice. However because it is such a different course we are stepping out of our comfort zones by a long shot, because not only are we practicing counselling but we also act as the client too and so therefore need to talk about ourselves. The course is going to be a personal challenge but will be really fun as it means we are FINALLY going to start the journey into learning how to be a counsellor.

With this being my final term, I’ve had to start making some grown up decisions, and really really don’t want to as I really want to be young forever L , the idea of being totally independent is so scary. It’s like I’m basically waiting for Peter Pan to come and take me to Neverland- if only! But although all these decisions I’ve been faced with are daunting they will hopefully set me up for my future pretty nicely – providing I make the right ones.

I hope you are all well and good lovelies, I will speak to you really soon!

Take Care,



P.S. Btw whose been watching Celebrity Big Brother?  I know it’s rubbish but for some reason I’m addicted.