Thursday, 27 March 2014

Birthday Girl…

Hey Guys & Gals,

Now I don’t want to speak too soon but tomorrow my dissertation should be officially complete. I have finally finished, all I need to do is the contents J eek so so happy. I never thought I’d actually finish it but I have managed to – yay!

It’s not all over yet though; I have a clinical file to submit for counselling that is due in April, but that isn’t a massive piece of work, so the main work is over. I don’t have any exams though so I will be finitto when that is finished. I will still be working in the office though so my blogs will still be running – unluckily for you hahahaha!

I’m hoping that everything goes ok and I get onto the Master’s but if it doesn’t I will be officially leaving the university in October, although I really hope that doesn’t happen and I will chain myself to the Avery hill gates haha.

Also as I mentioned in the last blog I have a birthday coming up on Monday. I will be turning 21! Ah I am actually pretty excited for this birthday as it will be my last big one before I turn 30- yikes!  I won’t be doing too much to celebrate it on Monday as I am obviously still in university, but in April I am having a Uniform Themed Fancy Dress Party at my house. I am going as the female version of top gun. I can’t wait it will be hilarious, I will be sure to post pictures in my blog to show you what everyone comes as, I’m hoping it will be a great night and doesn’t rain or even worse snow as we will be in the garden-ick.

Right guys, that is me done for today. Next time I speak to you my dissertation will be submitted, I will be 21 and I will have finished all lectures of my undergraduate degree. AHHHHHH!

Speak soon lovelies,



Thursday, 13 March 2014

Statistics = My Worst Nightmare!

Hey Guys n Gals,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, I actually had forgotten what the sun looked like, it’s been so long since we’ve seen any. I thought I’d give you a quick update from my last blog which is my tooth still hasn’t been fully fixed but is expected to be today – grr. I hate the dentist with a passion now, I’m virtually living there atm. Since my last blog it has broken a further two times, but hopefully by tonight I will have a full set of working teeth- keep them crossed for me! Since last time I’ve also had an update on my tiredness and everything which was looked at in that sleep test I had to do, basically all I have is a Vitamin D deficiency, which is due to the lack of sunlight my skin absorbs, which makes sense 1. due to the weather and 2. Because the natural shade of my skin, seriously I’m paler than Casper the ghost.

 I am now approaching the end of my degree, which I am terrified about, purely because I have no idea where I’m going to go from here and to be honest I’m not actually ready to go out into the big wide world- ick! I had my interview for the MSc Therapeutic Counselling course and got a conditional offer of a 2:1, so unfortunately this university may be stuck with me for a while mwahaha. But we will see what happens with my grade classification first.

Now as this title of my blog suggests, statistics is something which is really getting on my nerves in my dissertation, I’d literally be sorted with my project is it wasn’t for stats- it is the biggest pain in my life. The sad thing is that I’ve actually been told to do one of the simplest statistical analyses ever, yet still using SPSS my brain just won’t grasp it. So I decided to take action and I bought my new ‘bible’ which is Psychology Statistics for Dummies, which I realise I can’t really reference in my dissertation because it will make me look like a doughnut. But seriously anyone in the same boat as me, I promise this book is the answer. It will probably pretty soon become my lifesaver (once I stop putting off doing statistics altogether- seriously I could find any excuse to put it off, I tidied my room the other day to stop from doing it). So yeah if any of you are like me it is definitely worth buying, I know it may not be the most advanced statistical manual ever made but at least it makes sense and doesn't talk in some advanced language which no one understands.

So seriously go and buy it! Right ladies and gents that’s it from me for today, I will be back to talk to you at the end of the month, where not only am I going to be turning 21 but will also hopefully of finished my dissertation.

Take care,