Friday, 14 December 2012

It's Christmaaaaaaaaaasss!!!


 Hey Lovelies,
So the Christmas break is almost upon us and I can’t wait I am literally so excited, I’m like a little girl again. I cannot wait to relax and celebrate the holidays with friends and family. Now many people don’t ask for stockings once they reach a certain age, but I still have one and I am 19 years old, my parents now know I will still probably want one even when I leave home haha.

Can you believe that for most of us we are half way through this academic year already? How crazy is that, time flies when you’re having fun. Over the holidays, a part from celebrating, I will be looking into my options for third year, which I know you may think sounds insane but we have to choose them in March, scary stuff!

I personally have a really big interest in the abnormal side of psychology, so am keeping everything crossed (even my toes) that I can get on to that module. Abnormal psychology looks at individuals with mental illnesses, how they begin and how they are treated, it is really interesting and as one day I want to eventually become a counsellor I will be working with many people suffering with these illnesses. I really want to help others and am loving the opportunities the university are providing me to learn about something I have a big interest in. 

So guys I hope you all have the best Christmas ever and have a great new year, I will be back blogging after the holidays so stay tuned. Keep as warm as possible and I will speak to you all when I’m back!

See you soon



Thursday, 6 December 2012

Smile for the Camera !

Hey Fellow Greenwich Students J
Hope you are all well and aren’t suffering too much with the pleasant weather we are having haha. I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been a very busy bee with university work and working as a Student Ambassador for the university. So I thought I would just fill you in on some things I have been up to (besides panicking about what to buy people for Christmas.)
Last week I took part in one of the University of Greenwich’s many advertising campaigns. It was a really fun and hilarious day, as well as slightly embarrassing as we had a photo-shoot in front of about 10 people, but I really did enjoy it and would definitely recommend it if the opportunity arises. As part of the campaign I had a short 10 minute interview about why I chose Greenwich and love studying here which at some point will be appearing on the main website, so keep your eyes peeled. I am praying they edit the videos though because last week I was really ill again and literally had a huge coughing fit right in the middle of it, you know the type where you cry as well and your face goes red? It was like that! Not very attractive haha. Obviously I will keep you updated when the pictures and video come out. Let’s be honest I’m not going to let you miss them.
Last year my friend Kirsty took part in a different advertising campaign at the university and now her pictures are popping up all over the campuses. It is a really great experience so I would definitely recommend it, plus it is something you can put on your CV and you are helping to promote our brilliant university.
 (This is Kirsty and some of the pictures she appeared in for the shoot)

On a similar subject as I’m sure many of you know the Greenwich campus is often turned in to a film set, our gorgeous buildings are the background for a variety of major films, such as: Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Les Miserables (due out very soon), Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2, The Iron Lady, The Kings Speech and most recently Thor: The Dark World (those are just to name a few.)

Anyways last week when I was visiting the campus I noticed Thor was being filmed and like many others stood as an on looker whilst filming took place, actually buzzing with excitement as I love Chris Hemsworth. I think it’s so great that big film companies choose Greenwich as a location as it means people everywhere get to see just how stunning the campus is, plus we can all brag to other people about the fact our university was used in the films haha ;)
That’s it from me today lovelies, I will speak to you again before Christmas !!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Always happy to listen.

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you are all okay, today I thought I’d talk to you a bit about my course and more specifically what I want to do after it !!

I study Psychology and Counselling and I do absolutely love it, sure there are some challenging concepts that come with it but it is something I love studying and really do have a passion for. The academics on the course are experts in their field and you can see from them how much they like teaching the subject, which makes us as students really focus and enjoy it.

When I leave uni in 2014 (which isn’t really that far away der der dern) I really want to become a counsellor. Through own experiences, and those of people close to me I know how much it can help, and would love to provide that same help to others.

I have applied to join Place2Be which is a volunteering organisation that trains aspiring counsellors to go into schools and support children who may be in need. I have been to my interview and now we are just waiting for all the legal info to come back, but it is a brilliant organisation for those who want to train to be counsellors, so I would definitely recommend any aspiring counsellors out there, to apply.

That’s all from me today guys, speak to you really soon J



P.S. Should really get started on my Christmas shopping soon, has any one started?

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hey Everyone,

 I’m back from Paris, it was b.e.a-utifal, I had such a good time with my mum I became the stereotype of a tourist, I took photos of pretty much everything, it was ridiculous. We went on a sightseeing cruise down the river Seine, saw the Eiffel Tower, went to Disneyland and went in the Notre Dame, but what was surprising was the fact I did actually attempt and I think successfully use French when we were there, the people nodded at least so I am taking that to be a good sign, they may just have wanted to feel polite and actually did feel sorry for me. I was singing Bella Notte from Lady and The Tramp the whole time we were there (assuming it was French) only for my mum to laugh on the last night and say she didn’t want to burst my bubble but it was an Italian song, so that was my big language fail – doh ! I was getting weird looks but I assumed that’s because my singing was so bad.
So when people say second year is a challenge, they aren’t wrong, but it is a challenge that can by all means be completed. The amount of work has been quite a bit higher than last year and we need to put in quite a bit more time to make sure it gets completed. I’m not going to lie a couple of weeks ago when the coursework, lab reports etc. were set I had a bit of a panic, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get everything done on time. After having a chat with some of the academics on my course, as well as my friends, I realised I had actually been worrying over something which was really quite small. All I really needed to do was get organised, I know lecturers tell us to do it all the time but they aren’t wrong, as soon as I had drawn up a table and allocated my time to do certain pieces of work I was fine, I was relaxed and realised I could do it and with plenty of time. I would definitely recommend making tables or keeping a diary which tells you due dates, exams etc. because with one of those you can’t go wrong J
REMEMBER : Keep Calm & Carry On. I can guarantee you can do it, and if you do feel unsure ask lecturers, tutors and other people on your course, there is a lot of support out there.
I am currently writing this blog and it is freezing at the moment, is it just me or is this academic year whizzing by? I went to the painted hall @ Greenwich and actually realised that come December I am half way through my time here – how scary is that ?
That’s it from me today lovelies, Speak soon, Stay Warm!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Off to Paris

Hey Lovelies,
Hope you’re all good and not finding your uni work too hard, this second year in Psychology has been totally different from the first in a lot of ways, mainly because we have much more work, which means me and my friends on the course, Jack and Amy, have been pulling a lot of late nighters to try and get it all done. If I was going to give you any advice it would be to work with your friends on assignments and revision etc. Obviously by that I don’t mean do the exact same thing as that would be plagiarising to the max, but last year we found we definitely did a lot better because we had helped each other out.
Amy is the queen of Statistics, Jack is amazing at Counselling and I just rely on them to get me through it, JUST KIDDING, I tend to be good at the writing side of things, I know you wouldn’t have thought so reading my blogs ha-ha! My point is together we believe ‘we could take over the world’, now this may be a bit extreme, but we could certainly help each other to get out degree J so it is something I would defiantly recommend.

^^^^Me, Amy & Jack at Kelly Clarkson on Saturday ^^^^
Next Monday, I’m off to Paris for 4 days and literally cannot wait I’m so excited as I’ve only ever been there once for like 2 hours so this will be amazing. I’m going with Mumma Rumbles for a girly week, so will be really nice. It will put my GCSE French to the test; the problem is I can say quite a bit in French but I do it in my dodgy Dartford/London accent, so it doesn’t sound very fluent haha.

I will tell you all about it when I’m back speak to you soon lovelies, have a good week.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hey Lovelies,
Hope your all doing well J , unfortunately I’ve been a very poorly girl this week, at first we just thought it was just the bug that’s going around, but I went for lots of tests and it turns out it was a tropical virus I picked up last year in Florida ?? FLORIDA -- of all places, when you hear about tropical viruses you assume people get them in the Amazon or something!! Anyways apparently it can last on and off for two years, yay :/ but I am feeling a little bit better now, so I’m sure I will be back to my usual sparky self in no time !!
Ooo also I went on an adventure the other day, it will seem lame to you guys but I was mesmerised I looked like a tourist, where was my big adventure too?? The Greenwich campus. Now whoever studies / stays there you may not realise this but you are so lucky, I mean I love Avery Hill but Greenwich was amazing, it was my first time there. I literally wandered round with wide eyes gaping and taking photos of everything, it’s stunning. But I did look like those tourists you see there. 

Ok so you may call me a geek, which is fine because I am well aware that I am one and I kind of embrace it now,  but at one stage I felt like I was in FAME the musical, I walked past the music classes and there was different music and singing in each one as I walked by. I half expected to be standing there and a flash mob to come out and start dancing on the green in front of me. Needless to say I’m a lover of music and I was in heaven.

I have been made a student ambassador for the University with the Education Liaison Unit, and I absolutely love representing our university, I am really glad I chose to come here. Not only does it have beautiful campuses and top notch staff it also has the best students over any university (obviously I’m biased but it is true) J
Right Guys that’s all from me today, hope you are all good, if you do fancy keeping updated with my blog posts feel free to subscribe, I’d love it if you did.

Speak Soon

Friday, 28 September 2012

Macmillan at UoG

Hey Guys
So I’m baaack !! I hope all of you new fresher’s have had an amazing time settling into the university, I got to meet a few of you and you all seem to be doing really well. Fresher’s week has been sooooo good , I realise technically the events were for Fresher’s but I thought why not join in ?? So there I was at the Fresher’s fair going round all the tables collecting all the freebies I could possibly find, I realise I may have looked as a scavenger but they were FREE who wouldn’t right??
On the same day at Fresher’s Avery Hill I was also selling cakes with my colleagues for Macmillan Cancer Support, so if you had a blonde curly haired girl come up to you asking (forcing) you to buy a cake that would have been me ;). I was also having to blow up balloons and decorate the campus for it, I blew up so many balloons I am actually surprised I still have air left in my lungs, honestly I thought I would pass out. So me and my fellow Enquiry Unit assistant member Binal basically decided not many people were noticing we were selling cakes at first, so in order to promote ourselves we hijacked a table in the Dome and started selling them there, we even stole their green balloons someone eventually discovered we weren’t technically supposed to be there so we got our table taken away from us, but hey we made some extra money for the charity, so it’s all good.

 I hope you will also be happy to hear I was successful in staying on with the Enquiry Unit Assistant, Boooyaaaah !!,  so I now have a permanent job here, which I am so happy about because I love the team I work with, and of course getting to help you guys out with any queries you may have J
My second year started up again on Monday, I honestly sat in the lecture thinking my head was going to explode, honestly I think over the summer I forgot what numbers were and also how to write, haha. But I am getting there I think it’s taking my brain some time to actually kick into gear though, I can tell this year is going to be a toughie though (der der dern), I will keep you all updated on how I get on though. But on the plus side I am so happy to be back, and reunited with my best friends Jack and Amy, I think together we may just be able to get through this!

I hope you guys are enjoying the 2012/2013 year so far, I know I certainly am, I know sometimes it can be over whelming but trust me we can get through this together.

Speak to you soon lovelies,

Monday, 3 September 2012

First Ever Blog :)

Hey everyone, so this is my first ever blog and I am mega excited about it, hopefully it will be the first of many, so I hope you enjoy them! Technology and I have never really got on but I’m sure I will be able to manage this, how hard can it be haha, I will keep you posted about how I get on !!

The summer of 2012 is officially coming to a close L, which I’m sure like me many of you are heartbroken about, mainly because we saw hardly any sunshine. However, I am super excited to be going back to do my second year of Psychology with Counselling, I have really missed the university these past few months and cannot wait to go back and see my best buds here, Amy & Jack. Also I get to meet lots of the lovely new fresher’s, so it will be fab getting to know you guys and I am planning to join in with all the fresher activities ( I know technically that will be cheating as I’m not a fresher myself, but still you guys won’t mind right ??)

This summer has been amazing, and of course as all of you know (unless you have been hiding under a rock over the summer) London got to hold the Olympic Games. Now I have to admit something I was starting to get a bit bored of all the build-up, literally I honestly believed I wouldn’t care or support it at all (so un-patriarchal :S ). Well things couldn’t have been more different, unfortunately my family didn’t get tickets in the end, but right from the opening ceremony and seeing Mr Bean I was hooked. I became the biggest Olympic fan you have ever seen. My favourite events to watch were definitely the swimming and the diving; I loved every second of it, so much so I burst into tears when the flag was handed to Brazil (lame, I know).

I’ve been working as a Clearing Assistant at the university over the summer, and on Friday we held our very own Olympic competition, which was amazing and I was so happy to get to re-live the Olympic experience again haha. Each team had to pick a theme related to the Olympics and dressed up, performed and decorated their bay, in relation to it. Our team decided to go as British athletes and I dressed up as a gymnast, which believe it or not I used to be, unfortunately I can’t even do a handstand anymore. Team 1 didn’t win but it was a hilarious day and all the teams did an amazing job J

So Guys that was my first blog, hope you enjoyed and I’ll be back to talk to you really soon,