Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer 2013, Here we come…

Hey Guys,

We did it!!! Exams are FINALLY at long last done and dusted for everyone as far as I know so big congrats on making it through it all. Now we turn our attention to some particularly critical things which are plans for the summer haha.

As I previously said in my last blog I will be working throughout the summer at the Enquiry Unit and will be participating in the clearing team this year. But there is a lot of spare time for me to fill… now so far in the past week I have been spending my summer watching all the seasons of True Blood (I know what you’re thinking wow- what an interesting life Laura leads) but I do blame my friends Jack & Amy for getting me hooked on it even though I’m a few years too late jumping on the band wagon ha-ha :P !

Believe it or not though I don’t plan on watching TV for the whole 4 months, shocking I know. I have made a mini bucket list for all the things I plan to either achieve or get up to this summer:

  • Go to Thorpe Park and not be a chicken and actually go round the saw maze and preferably not cry.

  • Learn to apply all the chords on guitar; I’m slightly tone deaf so that may be a bit of a big ask.
  • Maybe be able to speak some Spanish by the end of the summer.
  • Feed the giraffes at London Zoo, which sounds incredibly random but I have booked it for my mum & dad’s 25th anniversary (hopefully they don’t read my blog)

I also have some USA bucket list ideas of what I want to do…

  • Go to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, but hopefully I won’t be part of my own personal remake of The Hangover.
  • Visit Alcatraz prison in San Francisco and of course see the golden bridge.
  • See the Hollywood Sign
  • Manage to travel back to England, safely, alone and without passing out on the flight back.

So those are my P.O.A for this summer, I hope you guys have an amazing summer, I will be keeping you up to date throughout the holidays about what I’m getting up to and also Clearing and lots of other university based things J

Take Care for now lovelies, I will speak to you soon,