Monday, 20 January 2014

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone – Ahh!

Hey guys & gals,

How are we all this beautiful day? That’s a complete lie, it isn't a beautiful day- it’s freezing cold and windy outside but still I’m trying not to let the rubbish weather we've been having affect me.

So most of you would have started back on you r lectures by now, I have this week. I started a programme called Adult Development and Mental Health, which is run by Oliver Robinson and I have also started the Counselling Skills module run by Brinley Yare & Val Sanders. Both courses seem like they are going to be really enjoyable and are both subjects you know I am interested in.

The counselling skills module has been interesting, because it is completely different to any other course we have done before. We don’t sit behind desks and listen to a lecture; we get into groups and put the counselling skills into practice. However because it is such a different course we are stepping out of our comfort zones by a long shot, because not only are we practicing counselling but we also act as the client too and so therefore need to talk about ourselves. The course is going to be a personal challenge but will be really fun as it means we are FINALLY going to start the journey into learning how to be a counsellor.

With this being my final term, I’ve had to start making some grown up decisions, and really really don’t want to as I really want to be young forever L , the idea of being totally independent is so scary. It’s like I’m basically waiting for Peter Pan to come and take me to Neverland- if only! But although all these decisions I’ve been faced with are daunting they will hopefully set me up for my future pretty nicely – providing I make the right ones.

I hope you are all well and good lovelies, I will speak to you really soon!

Take Care,



P.S. Btw whose been watching Celebrity Big Brother?  I know it’s rubbish but for some reason I’m addicted.

Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, New Start, New Favours…

Hey Guys and Gals,

It’s 2014 yaaay, this year I graduate – arggghh. I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and I’m really sorry I didn’t post a blog at the end of December, I was running around like a headless chicken so completely forgot, but I’m back and hopefully have my brain in gear now J So how have you all been? I hope you all had a nice relaxing break and got to do everything you wanted to. I FINALLLLLLY got some time to relax which was really nice and I spent a lot of time with my family and friends who I haven’t seen for ages.

It’s scary to think that this term is my last term as an undergraduate student, well this is providing I actually pass haha, but fingers crossed that all goes to plan. This year for Christmas I got lots of little bits which I asked for like tickets to Jersey Boys, going to the Elephant Lodge in Port Lymphe zoo with my boyfriend and his family, and having tea with the tigers – which basically means me feeding tigers, lions and cheetahs – which I’m beyond excited about, because as you might have gathered I love animals.

Lots of big changes are going to be happening this year for me, which absolutely terrifies me haha. First, I will be flying the nest and will hopefully be moving into a flat in the summer, I can’t cook so that is going to be a nightmare lol. Obviously I’ve got the course coming to an end which I am actually really sad about cause I love it so much, but hopefully I will get onto the masters programme here, so I may be a student for another three years. There is also the fact that in March I’m going to be 21 J

I have another BIG favour to ask you guys, as you know for Psychology we have to recruit our participants. My friend Jack Driver is currently recruiting for his research project which will only take a few minutes and you can complete it online. Just click the link, to complete the survey

You guys were absolutely brilliant for me, so if you get a spare few minutes he’d really appreciate your help.

Speak to you soon guys,