Friday, 28 September 2012

Macmillan at UoG

Hey Guys
So I’m baaack !! I hope all of you new fresher’s have had an amazing time settling into the university, I got to meet a few of you and you all seem to be doing really well. Fresher’s week has been sooooo good , I realise technically the events were for Fresher’s but I thought why not join in ?? So there I was at the Fresher’s fair going round all the tables collecting all the freebies I could possibly find, I realise I may have looked as a scavenger but they were FREE who wouldn’t right??
On the same day at Fresher’s Avery Hill I was also selling cakes with my colleagues for Macmillan Cancer Support, so if you had a blonde curly haired girl come up to you asking (forcing) you to buy a cake that would have been me ;). I was also having to blow up balloons and decorate the campus for it, I blew up so many balloons I am actually surprised I still have air left in my lungs, honestly I thought I would pass out. So me and my fellow Enquiry Unit assistant member Binal basically decided not many people were noticing we were selling cakes at first, so in order to promote ourselves we hijacked a table in the Dome and started selling them there, we even stole their green balloons someone eventually discovered we weren’t technically supposed to be there so we got our table taken away from us, but hey we made some extra money for the charity, so it’s all good.

 I hope you will also be happy to hear I was successful in staying on with the Enquiry Unit Assistant, Boooyaaaah !!,  so I now have a permanent job here, which I am so happy about because I love the team I work with, and of course getting to help you guys out with any queries you may have J
My second year started up again on Monday, I honestly sat in the lecture thinking my head was going to explode, honestly I think over the summer I forgot what numbers were and also how to write, haha. But I am getting there I think it’s taking my brain some time to actually kick into gear though, I can tell this year is going to be a toughie though (der der dern), I will keep you all updated on how I get on though. But on the plus side I am so happy to be back, and reunited with my best friends Jack and Amy, I think together we may just be able to get through this!

I hope you guys are enjoying the 2012/2013 year so far, I know I certainly am, I know sometimes it can be over whelming but trust me we can get through this together.

Speak to you soon lovelies,

Monday, 3 September 2012

First Ever Blog :)

Hey everyone, so this is my first ever blog and I am mega excited about it, hopefully it will be the first of many, so I hope you enjoy them! Technology and I have never really got on but I’m sure I will be able to manage this, how hard can it be haha, I will keep you posted about how I get on !!

The summer of 2012 is officially coming to a close L, which I’m sure like me many of you are heartbroken about, mainly because we saw hardly any sunshine. However, I am super excited to be going back to do my second year of Psychology with Counselling, I have really missed the university these past few months and cannot wait to go back and see my best buds here, Amy & Jack. Also I get to meet lots of the lovely new fresher’s, so it will be fab getting to know you guys and I am planning to join in with all the fresher activities ( I know technically that will be cheating as I’m not a fresher myself, but still you guys won’t mind right ??)

This summer has been amazing, and of course as all of you know (unless you have been hiding under a rock over the summer) London got to hold the Olympic Games. Now I have to admit something I was starting to get a bit bored of all the build-up, literally I honestly believed I wouldn’t care or support it at all (so un-patriarchal :S ). Well things couldn’t have been more different, unfortunately my family didn’t get tickets in the end, but right from the opening ceremony and seeing Mr Bean I was hooked. I became the biggest Olympic fan you have ever seen. My favourite events to watch were definitely the swimming and the diving; I loved every second of it, so much so I burst into tears when the flag was handed to Brazil (lame, I know).

I’ve been working as a Clearing Assistant at the university over the summer, and on Friday we held our very own Olympic competition, which was amazing and I was so happy to get to re-live the Olympic experience again haha. Each team had to pick a theme related to the Olympics and dressed up, performed and decorated their bay, in relation to it. Our team decided to go as British athletes and I dressed up as a gymnast, which believe it or not I used to be, unfortunately I can’t even do a handstand anymore. Team 1 didn’t win but it was a hilarious day and all the teams did an amazing job J

So Guys that was my first blog, hope you enjoyed and I’ll be back to talk to you really soon,