Friday, 14 December 2012

It's Christmaaaaaaaaaasss!!!


 Hey Lovelies,
So the Christmas break is almost upon us and I can’t wait I am literally so excited, I’m like a little girl again. I cannot wait to relax and celebrate the holidays with friends and family. Now many people don’t ask for stockings once they reach a certain age, but I still have one and I am 19 years old, my parents now know I will still probably want one even when I leave home haha.

Can you believe that for most of us we are half way through this academic year already? How crazy is that, time flies when you’re having fun. Over the holidays, a part from celebrating, I will be looking into my options for third year, which I know you may think sounds insane but we have to choose them in March, scary stuff!

I personally have a really big interest in the abnormal side of psychology, so am keeping everything crossed (even my toes) that I can get on to that module. Abnormal psychology looks at individuals with mental illnesses, how they begin and how they are treated, it is really interesting and as one day I want to eventually become a counsellor I will be working with many people suffering with these illnesses. I really want to help others and am loving the opportunities the university are providing me to learn about something I have a big interest in. 

So guys I hope you all have the best Christmas ever and have a great new year, I will be back blogging after the holidays so stay tuned. Keep as warm as possible and I will speak to you all when I’m back!

See you soon



Thursday, 6 December 2012

Smile for the Camera !

Hey Fellow Greenwich Students J
Hope you are all well and aren’t suffering too much with the pleasant weather we are having haha. I haven’t blogged for a while because I have been a very busy bee with university work and working as a Student Ambassador for the university. So I thought I would just fill you in on some things I have been up to (besides panicking about what to buy people for Christmas.)
Last week I took part in one of the University of Greenwich’s many advertising campaigns. It was a really fun and hilarious day, as well as slightly embarrassing as we had a photo-shoot in front of about 10 people, but I really did enjoy it and would definitely recommend it if the opportunity arises. As part of the campaign I had a short 10 minute interview about why I chose Greenwich and love studying here which at some point will be appearing on the main website, so keep your eyes peeled. I am praying they edit the videos though because last week I was really ill again and literally had a huge coughing fit right in the middle of it, you know the type where you cry as well and your face goes red? It was like that! Not very attractive haha. Obviously I will keep you updated when the pictures and video come out. Let’s be honest I’m not going to let you miss them.
Last year my friend Kirsty took part in a different advertising campaign at the university and now her pictures are popping up all over the campuses. It is a really great experience so I would definitely recommend it, plus it is something you can put on your CV and you are helping to promote our brilliant university.
 (This is Kirsty and some of the pictures she appeared in for the shoot)

On a similar subject as I’m sure many of you know the Greenwich campus is often turned in to a film set, our gorgeous buildings are the background for a variety of major films, such as: Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Les Miserables (due out very soon), Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2, The Iron Lady, The Kings Speech and most recently Thor: The Dark World (those are just to name a few.)

Anyways last week when I was visiting the campus I noticed Thor was being filmed and like many others stood as an on looker whilst filming took place, actually buzzing with excitement as I love Chris Hemsworth. I think it’s so great that big film companies choose Greenwich as a location as it means people everywhere get to see just how stunning the campus is, plus we can all brag to other people about the fact our university was used in the films haha ;)
That’s it from me today lovelies, I will speak to you again before Christmas !!