Thursday, 18 July 2013

Clearing = All Systems Go…

Hey Lovelies,

How are we all keeping? I hope you are all happy and enjoying this beautiful weather, I certainly am although now I resemble a lobster because over the weekend I was in Eastbourne and no matter how much people kept stating it, I insisted that factor 8 was fine for me…turns out I was very wrong. And so now in the clearing office I am sitting here radiating heat because I am that burnt haha.

But besides that little hiccup I have been having a great few weeks. As of today I am working for clearing full time over the summer and I am really enjoying it, we have had lots of interest from prospective students which is great. The office is fairly busy and we are getting a steady intake of clearing applications which hopefully means lots of great new students for Greenwich J
I am also planning for my trip to Americaaaaa which is only 10 days away so I am starting to get super excited now as up until now it hasn’t really sunk in. Apparently in Las Vegas at the moment it is 41 degrees, so imagine how burnt I will be then haha I will be sure to share some photos then :S

A couple of weeks ago I was reunited with some of my lovely friends from secondary school who I hadn't seen for a long old time so it was great to see them for a catch up  as we have all gone in different directions so it’s great to see what we are all doing now. It was also great because I got to see one of my best friends Grace who has been at the University of Northampton doing paramedic science, I don’t get to see her as much so it was really nice, so proud of her and all her hard work.

That’s it from me for today guys I won’t be blogging until the middle of August now as I will be away on my holidays but I hope all of you continue to have a great summer and I’m sure I will have lots of stories to tell you when I get back.

Take Care,



Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Third Year Here I Come….

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you have all been good. Guess what!? I passed all of my exams, yay I am so so happy. Even more shockingly is the fact my highest grade was in statistics, I have always been totally rubbish with numbers so much so that I actually thought my results may have been a mistake, but I am really relieved and am now ready to take on the third year, but first to take a much needed break.

So far this holidays I haven’t really been relaxing as I have been mega-busy but with lots of great things.

I went to Thorpe Park last week with my boyfriend George and his family and had such a great time, it was absolutely hilarious and we managed to get on loads of rides really quickly without a fast pass which was lucky. George thought it would be a great idea for us to try out a ride called ‘The Swarm’ backwards. Now I love rides but haven’t been on any in well over a year and that was our first ride and I have never shrieked (and I do mean shrieked, not screamed) so loud and so much in my whole life, in fact I did it so much that when the ride came to a stop I turned and looked at George who was crying – literally, with laughter. Unfortunately I didn't go on the Saw Maze because it is now closed L but I went on the ride twice and was scared just as much on that.

Yesterday me and the rest of the Rumbles family went to the London Zoo to celebrate my mum & dad’s 25th wedding anniversary. I adopted a giraffe there for them and then we went for a private feeding with all three of the giraffes they have there, which was amazing. They are such gorgeous animals but those tongues were so strong when they were pulling off leaves off of the branches we held that my poor mum who is littler than me almost got catapulted at one point across their enclosure. But it was an amazing experience which I would definitely recommend doing if you get the chance :).

That’s all for today lovelies, I hope you guys got everything you hoped for in terms of your exam results and for those of you lovelies graduating, good luck for the future – don’t forget about us !

I will be blogging for you all in July about what more I've been up to, I will be talking a bit about Clearing 2013 and also telling you more about my plans for the USA, which is fast approaching eek!

Speak soon,