Monday, 19 August 2013

Part 2 of the American Adventure!

Hey Lovelies,

So I am going to continue talking to you about my recent road trip of America and also talk to you about my week last week working for Clearing, which was manic and has left me very tired but at the same time it was an incredible success for the Enquiry Unit.

Right so picking up from where I left off after Yosemite Park we moved on to San Francisco which was a really great city that was also really chilly, which I wasn't expecting it to be at all. Haha I was freezing and had only packed summer clothes so my mum went out and bought us coats and hoodies, the embarrassing thing was though as she bought the four of us matching coats. I mean I realise no one was going to see me there but I do have morals, a family of 4 in matching coats is just plain embarrassing. The fact was I had to wear it because it was so cold. So anyways in San Francisco we did an open top bus tour which was hilarious just because at some stages it was so windy that I came off looking like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards. I also ate in an official Cheesecake Factory, which up until then I hadn't realised was even real (only fans The Big Bang Theory will know what I mean.) We also visited Alcatraz Island and took a look round the prison which has been left exactly how it used to be, which is really eerie and gives you the chills knowing who stayed there not so long ago, but again was a great experience. We also went on a sunset cruise of San Francisco bay and went under the golden gate bridge which was one of the best moments of my holiday, I just felt I was calm for the first time in so long and it was just such a great experience.

We visited Monterry Bay after and went whale watching and I thought we wouldn’t see any but we actually ended up seeing 12 humpback whales!!! And then we arrived at our final destination L.A. and went to Disney California and as you guys know from my previous blogs me being the biggest Disney fan to exist loved every single second of that. Me & Mum stayed to watch their night time water show ‘World of Colour’ which had me in tears purely because at one stage they showed a scene from my favourite movie The Lion King, but they showed the sad scene where Mufasa dies which still to this day makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME. On the very last day I did my favourite part of all, I went on a tour of the Warner Bro. studios and amongst seeing lots of other amazing things- I sat down on the actual Friends couch – eeek. Also on the way back we saw some costumes being carried in and our tour guide said it was the lot where The Big Bang Theory was filmed and I looked and saw Sheldon’s outfit being carried in! :O I wanted to run out and grab it but I think I may have got arrested – not a great way to end the trip lol.

And now I’m back here in sunny old England, whilst I wish I’d stayed in America forever I am glad to be back and am looking forward to my third year. We had clearing last week and my word we got a lot of interest which is great for Greenwich we took so many calls and Live Chats which was brilliant. I am currently based on the Mansion Site @ Avery Hill on the clearing reception with my lovely colleagues Danielle and Holly, so if you have any queries about uni and want to speak face to face come down to Avery Hill campus or go and see my colleague Rima at the Greenwich campus, and we will be happy to answer any queries you have J

Speak soon guys,


Laura R

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Waking Up in Vegas…

Hi Lovelies,

How have you all been? It feels like absolutely years ago since I last wrote a blog for you guys but it was actually just last month. Since last time, I have been on my amazing trip to America which truly was unbelievable, so I thought I would tell you all about it, in two parts because I did quite a bit. I just went for two weeks in the end but it feels like I was gone for ages because we just did so so much.

We started off in Las Vegas, which was crazy and incredible at the same time. Wherever you look there is something going on. All the hotels are unique and have different themes, so I saw the Treasure Island show which was kind of cheesy but totally the kind of thing I love, we saw the Mandalay Bay fountains and the gondolas in The Venetian, we also saw Queen’s We Will Rock You played on the largest TV screen in the whole world with 250 speakers blaring it out – just amazing! There were times when I feared for my life like when we took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon which even though was beautiful and a sight I was really desperate to see, I did not like the ride one bit. As you know I am terrified of flying and the pilot thought it would be hilarious to turn us at a 90 degree angle without his hands on anything to demonstrate how safe the helicopter was and would level itself out again, whilst I appreciate he was doing this for my benefit to help me calm down. It didn’t at all as I screamed, which was muffled by my headphones but everyone else on the helicopter heard it loud and clear through their’s, including the pilot who laughed.  

Next we visited Death Valley & Yosemite National Park (the home of Yogi Bear) and we were told initially that we would be extremely unlikely to see any bears. So I decided to become my families own personal ranger and on the drive back to the hotel one day I finally spotted a bear and her cub, upon doing so I screamed ‘OMG STOP DAD IT’S A BEAR, TURN AROUND’ and so my dad conducted a U-turn and I flew out of the car with my camera and just wearing a bikini (as I had been swimming in a lake) and pelted it towards the bear, which they advise not to do because they get really aggressive and protective, especially with cubs around. But the bears actually ran away from me and up a hill, whilst some other tourists who had spotted them appeared traumatised by the sight of me running towards them in a bikini. I was so excited and happy I spotted them that I actually forgot to take a photo- my bad. And I’m not sure whether or not I should be worried about the fact I am capable of chasing off bears when it’s usually considered hard to do so. Oops.

So that is part one of my American adventure, believe me it gets worse and I scream a lot more in the next one as well. Hope you are all having a great summer and remember Main Clearing is now open so you can call us on 020 8331 9000 or come and stop by to visit us at our clearing receptions at Greenwich (QM) and Avery Hill (Mansion site).

Take Care,

PS. I’m starting to suffer with jetlag. Zzzz