Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Job hunting for the summer? …

Hi Lovelies,

The exam time is almost over for a majority of us and for some of us it already is, we are almost there!!! I hope you guys have been finding your exams ok and I’m sure you have done great. I have had two of my exams already, one for Statistics and one for Social Psychology and dare I say it both of them went ok, but we will have to wait and see how that actually turns out. The last one I have next Tuesday is for Individual Differences, which I am taking a break from revision wise so I can write this blog, I needed a break haha J.

The good news is once I’m done I will be having a 4 month summer which I have lots of plans for and am mega excited about. So last blog I told you guys about my trip to America which me and my family have planned and the one thing I want to do more than anything else whilst I’m there is go to the Warner Brother studios in LA, because that is where you get to see the set for where The Big Bang Theory is filmed, now if any of you are like me you will know just how big a deal that is, I am literally beside myself with excitement and will make sure to keep you posted when I go about what I get up to.

I will be flying home early by myself as I am coming back this summer to work for Clearing 2013 which I’m also very excited about as working for Clearing last year was a lot of fun, I’m just worried about the flying because I am a very bad flyer and so I may have to ask the person who has to sit next to me whether or not I can hold there hand for take off, they’d let me right?

For any of you looking for a job over the summer I’d really recommend applying for Clearing 2013 for the University, it can be quick paced and hard work at times but we also have lots of fun as well and have great support from our colleagues, so it is an amazing job to have. Plus you get to meet me which is either a bonus or a let down depending on how you decide to look at it haha ;). Be quick though as there isn’t long left to get applications in, just apply through GET Jobshop and hopefully I will see you there.

Take care guys,


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Decisions, Decisions…

Hey Lovelies,

How have you been? If you’re anything like me at the moment then majorly busy, I haven’t had time to think, the brain has frazzled.

So as well as doing some good old revision I have also been faced with some important decisions to make these past few weeks. The first decision was choosing my third year course options as for Psychology and Counselling, in the third year we can choose more specific areas/courses we want to study. My choices haven’t yet been confirmed but I chose Mental Health & Adult Development, Health Psychology and Exceptional Human Experiences, so I’m keeping everything crossed that they will be confirmed. Courses are assigned on a first come first serve basis and we had to select them via the portal which Thank God did not crash!  I am also mega excited to be getting counselling back in my studies as the second year of Psychology we don’t study it on the curriculum, so I’m finally going to be studying counselling skills – eeek.

The other choice I've had to make already is about my third year project/dissertation (makes me scared to even think about it), this week I got to choose my supervisor who luckily agreed to take me on haha she doesn't know what she has let herself in for, I’m already worried about it so come next year I will be a nightmare. It’s in its VERY early stages at the moment but I have chosen to do a project based on Body Modification (tattoos, piercings etc) but I won’t tell you more than that in case I approach you to do my study haha.

I also have some exciting news, during the summer before I go to work for clearing @ the university, I will be travelling across the West coast of AMERICCCCCCCAAAA. I literally cannot wait I will go to Vegas, San Francisco and LA. I am going with my family and just know already it will be amazing. So I’m also making plans for that tripJ. More than anything I have a really weird obsession with the American accent which my friends laugh at me about, haha I love it so I’m going to be mesmerised when I talk to people (poor them). The only downer is I have just turned 20 so still won’t be able to drink over there or actually gamble in Vegas, so I probably should have waited a year but at least I won’t be experiencing any Hangover moments haha.

Right guys that’s it from me for now, I will blog again towards the end of the month so I wish you all the luck in the world with your exams and just remember we CAN do this (I hope so anyways haha).

Take Care,