Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Les Miserables

Hey Guys J

How are we all? My Abnormal Psychology exam is completed- yay, I was a bit worried about whether or not I would remember everything, but I think I did so fingers crossed. I just have my second lab report left to do for Research Methods in Psychology 2, which has been interesting because it is in a completely different style as we are using qualitative data (interviews) instead of quantitative (statistics), we are doing this to get used to an alternate style which we can use for our dissertations next year, so it has been nice to keep our options open.

Anyways now most of my coursework and exams are all submitted for January it means I have some spare time on my hands and the first thing I am planning to do is go and see Les Miserables in the cinema. I kid you not I am so excited, not least because pretty much the whole way through I will be going ‘there’s my uni, there’s my uni there’s my uni !!’ It is possible no one will agree to see it with me, but I can’t help it if I’m proud of our uni right ?

I have already bought the soundtrack and on my way back from the exam I was driving along belting out ‘On my own’ loudly believing I was Eponine and turned to see a lorry driver laughing his head off at me, not really the reception I was hoping for from my audience haha but it did make me laugh.

I hope you are all doing ok and powering through all of your work, I can’t believe the UCAS main cycle deadline has passed for applicants for September already, last year flew by. It’s great though because more and more people want to come to Greenwich yay J

Speak soon guys, I will tell you about the film next week, no doubt I will cry my eyes out.



Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year. New Start.

……And we’re back! Hello lovely people I hope you are all well and had an amazing time during the holidays. I had a really good time spending time with my family and just relaxing. I also got to see my friends who I haven’t in a while because we have been busy with university and jobs, so it was really great getting to see them again for a much needed catch up.

The great thing about the New Year is you get a fresh start; you can leave any worries behind and create new goals for yourself.

This Christmas break whilst also going out and about to see friends and family I also have been doing a lot of work for the course, as well as looking for volunteer work which can support the counselling side of my studies. I have been looking at the volunteer telephone counsellor programmes for both Samaritans and SANE both very well known for providing support for those who need it, if you are an aspiring counsellor like me I would recommend looking into these programmes, as they will provide you with experience and will help make you stand out in a competitive occupation.
Well guys I hope you are all well and sticking to your resolutions, I’m not because I ate chocolate literally half hour after big ben struck 12, oops, I literally have zero willpower haha. Speak soon J