Monday, 28 April 2014

Clearing Jobs this Summer!

Hey Guys & Gals,

How’ve you been? I can now officially say my time as a Uni of Greenwich undergraduate student is over L but I will still be working in the office. This Summer I will be working here full-time- in clearing which is always really fun (and very busy). Applications are currently open for Clearing Assistants so as long as you are a student with this university you can apply (and you should – you will meet me- ok no, I don’t want to put you off). But seriously, if you are looking for a job this summer and are a current student with access to Portal you can apply J

All you need to do is:
  • Go to the “My Learning” tab
  • Click on ‘View your courses’ in the ‘My Courses’ block
  • In the ‘Search courses’ facility – enter ‘JobShop Campus’
  • Click on ‘JobShop Campus (campus jobs for current students)
  • Self-enrol yourself to add it to your list of Moodle courses (and the clearing assistant role is listed there)

Okay, so last time I spoke to you I told you a little bit about the party I was having- to celebrate my 21st. I decided to have a uniform themed party and everyone really made an effort in dressing up. It was a really good night and I got to see some friends and family who I haven’t seen for a while. Here are some pictures from the night:

Despite the fact I have now officially finished as a student, I have actually been really busy this week. Yesterday I went to Paradise Wildlife Park (I know what you’re thinking, from reading my past blogs you will know I spend my life in zoos) but this was for a Christmas present that had been booked for us a while back. It was amazing because I got to see some white lions which I haven’t seen since I had been to South Africa to see my granddad. They are by far my favourite animal. I won’t bombard you with photos, as I know my last two blogs have been very animal based. It’s a known fact about me is that ‘I like a zoo’ haha.

Right guys that is it from me today but I hope you are all well and want to wish you all lots of luck with your exams and final bits of coursework you have left to submit. You CAN do it- just bear in mind you have a nice long summer to look forward to.

Take Care Guys,



Friday, 11 April 2014

The Lion King

Hey Guys & Gals,

I’m 21!!!!! I’ve been a busy bee since I last spoke to you, so as well as celebrating my birthday I also handed in my dissertation- finally, so I’m almost done, I just have a few more pieces of work to do, but come April 26th I will be done as an undergraduate student – so scary!

For my actual birthday I had my family over which was really nice and we had a right laugh. I got very spoilt and was given lots of lovely birthday presents, but the best part was getting my birthday cake. As you may have read in my blogs before I am a massive Disney fan and my all-time favourite film is The Lion King. My mum found a lady who made me a gorgeous cake with Simba, Timon & Pumba on it and it only took her 2 weeks, it would’ve taken me years!!!!

Keeping on the theme of lions, I also went away this past weekend to the elephant lodge at Port Lympne Zoo with my boyfriend George and my best friend Jack and their family. It was amazing, I was expecting to go there and we stay in tents but these tents were done up really nicely and were huge and had all the appliances/furniture we could possibly want. Where we stayed we were overlooking the cheetah and elephant enclosures, which was so nice because the cheetah had just recently had 4 cubs who were so cute but didn’t take a liking to my boyfriend’s dad as you can see from the photos haha. It was a really funny weekend, spent with great people and I loved seeing all of the amazing animals that were there. Because we stayed in the lodge it meant we could go on private talks and see the animals up closer than we would usually be able to. 

On our last day it was quite heavily raining and me and my boyfriend’s sister Rebecca were walking over to a group of baboons’ who looked like they were cuddling and it was so cute, but as we walked over to take a photo one must have touched the electric fence and they all jumped up howling, OMG never in my life have I been so scared, I don’t know what exactly I thought would happen to me but they made me jump haha. It was an amazing weekend which I would definitely recommend!

That’s it from me today guys and gals, next blog I will show you some pictures from the party I’m having on the 19th J

Take care lovelies,