Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Moving On Out!

Hey Guys,

How are we all? Hope everything is going okay for you. So Valentine’s Day has just passed hope all of you spent it with the ones you love, even if you’re single I usually just found it an excuse to have a party with my friends J.

A couple of blogs back I spoke to you about a video I was doing for the Greenwich is Great marketing campaign we have here, I’m sure you have seen it on the website or the side of buses, now as yet the photos for 2013 haven’t been released which I’m kind of grateful for however the video that I did has and so if you fancy giving it a watch click on this link:

I’m pretty pleased with it although my voice sounds dodgy, do you ever get that where you watch videos back of yourself and say ‘I really sound like that?’ haha. Anyways if you go on that link you can see what I and some fellow Greenwich students have to say about this lovely uni.

Right now on Psychology with Counselling 2nd Year we are continuing to collect data for our mini projects (the paranormal project I spoke about last time), this can be very tricky for us students as we need lots of participants so if you ever see one advertised, usually in the Bronte building pop by to see if there are any you can take part in because I guarantee we’d be grateful to see you.

I also have some exciting news at the moment I am still living at home as I only live in Dartford so it’s not far to travel but next academic year, me and my friend on the course Amy will be moving out with a couple of our friends to a house in the Avery Hill area. I am so excited this will be the first time in my whole life I would have moved out of my childhood home so even though it’s not far we can expect waterworks from me oh dear! But now it means I will be an independent woman (literally I keep singing Destiny’s Child version of that song) I think Amy may soon regret asking me to move in with her. She will do especially when she tries my cooking mwahaha.

 Right Greenwich-ers that’s all for today I will speak to you all very soon.



Friday, 1 February 2013

My Paranormal Project

Heya Lovely People…

Hope you are all well and didn't get too stuck in the random snow burst we had. I finally got to see Les Miserables in the IMAX it was soooooo good, I did cry I started at about four minutes in. Me and my friend Jack sang along to all the songs it was amazing. I especially loved seeing Greenwich haha I was so proud to be a student here. I didn't think we would get there though as our bus had a stone thrown at it which shattered the window we were sitting by and glass went over us and my cheek got hit, I only had a scratch the size of a pin prick though so we were all fine. My friend Sam was hilarious he did a James Bond style dive to the ground, didn't help us but still he was definitely on the ball.

So work in second year psychology is getting a bit more intense now as we have to arrange a mini project with a supervisor, this is where we create a study ourselves to be carried out and we have to make it into a poster report and presentation. I won’t go into too much detail about what I’m going to look at as you never know I may come and ask you to do the questionnaires, but the topic I’m interested in is paranormal and personality. We have also been told to start thinking about what we want to do next year for our big dissertation project so I will probably look at body image perception, as this is a topic area that really interests me.
Hope you guys are all good and if either prospective or current students have any questions for me regarding my course you can leave a comment on this blog and I will try and get back to you :)

Speak soon guys