Monday, 19 November 2012

Always happy to listen.

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you are all okay, today I thought I’d talk to you a bit about my course and more specifically what I want to do after it !!

I study Psychology and Counselling and I do absolutely love it, sure there are some challenging concepts that come with it but it is something I love studying and really do have a passion for. The academics on the course are experts in their field and you can see from them how much they like teaching the subject, which makes us as students really focus and enjoy it.

When I leave uni in 2014 (which isn’t really that far away der der dern) I really want to become a counsellor. Through own experiences, and those of people close to me I know how much it can help, and would love to provide that same help to others.

I have applied to join Place2Be which is a volunteering organisation that trains aspiring counsellors to go into schools and support children who may be in need. I have been to my interview and now we are just waiting for all the legal info to come back, but it is a brilliant organisation for those who want to train to be counsellors, so I would definitely recommend any aspiring counsellors out there, to apply.

That’s all from me today guys, speak to you really soon J



P.S. Should really get started on my Christmas shopping soon, has any one started?

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hey Everyone,

 I’m back from Paris, it was b.e.a-utifal, I had such a good time with my mum I became the stereotype of a tourist, I took photos of pretty much everything, it was ridiculous. We went on a sightseeing cruise down the river Seine, saw the Eiffel Tower, went to Disneyland and went in the Notre Dame, but what was surprising was the fact I did actually attempt and I think successfully use French when we were there, the people nodded at least so I am taking that to be a good sign, they may just have wanted to feel polite and actually did feel sorry for me. I was singing Bella Notte from Lady and The Tramp the whole time we were there (assuming it was French) only for my mum to laugh on the last night and say she didn’t want to burst my bubble but it was an Italian song, so that was my big language fail – doh ! I was getting weird looks but I assumed that’s because my singing was so bad.
So when people say second year is a challenge, they aren’t wrong, but it is a challenge that can by all means be completed. The amount of work has been quite a bit higher than last year and we need to put in quite a bit more time to make sure it gets completed. I’m not going to lie a couple of weeks ago when the coursework, lab reports etc. were set I had a bit of a panic, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get everything done on time. After having a chat with some of the academics on my course, as well as my friends, I realised I had actually been worrying over something which was really quite small. All I really needed to do was get organised, I know lecturers tell us to do it all the time but they aren’t wrong, as soon as I had drawn up a table and allocated my time to do certain pieces of work I was fine, I was relaxed and realised I could do it and with plenty of time. I would definitely recommend making tables or keeping a diary which tells you due dates, exams etc. because with one of those you can’t go wrong J
REMEMBER : Keep Calm & Carry On. I can guarantee you can do it, and if you do feel unsure ask lecturers, tutors and other people on your course, there is a lot of support out there.
I am currently writing this blog and it is freezing at the moment, is it just me or is this academic year whizzing by? I went to the painted hall @ Greenwich and actually realised that come December I am half way through my time here – how scary is that ?
That’s it from me today lovelies, Speak soon, Stay Warm!