Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gappy Valentine’s Day!

Hey my lovelies,

Now this blog is obviously going to be about Valentine’s, however it is going to be about my experience this year if Valentine’s, which you will soon realise turned out to be a bit of a fail for me.

So I need to take you back to where this all started, which was 2-4 years ago in October. At the time I was a volunteer young leader and was running a game for the guide pack I worked at. So as part of the game I was holding hands with two or the guides and running in a circle, however on my run I smacked into a wall (follows on nicely from last week’s blog on my many disasters).  Anyway the outcome of that accident was me losing one of my front teeth. However, scarily enough the night before I’d had a nightmare of myself hitting my face with my hand and all my teeth falling out and them not being able to get fixed. So I was distraught at the time thinking like my dream I would be toothless forever.

Obviously my tooth got repaired and I knew when I approached my 21st birthday I would have to have a fake one put in as the repaired tooth would eventually fade, I honestly thought I wouldn’t need a false tooth until I was at least 60, but clearly I needed this. On Thursday in preparation for my crown which is being fitted next month I had a temporary tooth put in. Well on Thursday night I was eating away and it fell out- leaving me with NO front tooth! So at the start of Valentine’s Day I was toothless – it really was not a good look. I looked like the advert for cosodyl mouthwash. This also meant me and my boyfriend couldn’t go out as I can now only eat soft foods until my permanent tooth is fitted. My valentine’s day was not really all that romantic.

Whether you’re single, with someone, have an ‘it’s complicated’ status, I hope you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. I will speak to you guys soon, by which time I will hopefully have my teeth fixed!



Monday, 10 February 2014

Greenwich’s Clumsiest Student?

Hey Lovelies,

How’s everything going? It seems like ages ago that I last spoke to you when actually it wasn’t so long ago I’ve just been really busy with my dissertation. Now, as the title of this blog suggests today I’m going to talk to you about a number of ‘incidents’ that I have had whilst I’ve been a student here, because the number is ridiculous – I am WAY too clumsy!

So what have I done?
  • I’ve fallen UP the stairs outside the Mary Seacole building
  • I’ve fallen down all of the stairs outside Queen Anne Court and landed on all fours, the security guard I met whilst I worked at Greenwich during clearing then came over to help me and said ‘I wondered when you’d be gracing us with your presence again’.
  • I’ve got my memory stick jammed in the computer
  • I’ve had a coughing fit in the silent zone of the library
  • I’ve skidded on the grass (because the mud made it slippery) on my way to a lecture, that was my mistake I shouldn't have been walking on the grass after it rained.
  • I’ve reversed into a wall on Avery Hill campus when I had first passed my test
  • I’ve scratched my car on the hedge when parking at Avery Hill cause I reversed too far into it (I’m still not very good at parking)
  • I’ve slipped down a couple of steps on the inter campus bus service

Most recently I dropped my coffee on the dome floor, and by recently I mean this morning. So yeah needless to say I am an accident waiting to happen and although on their own those clumsy moments aren’t TOO bad, put them all together from the same person and I think it proves I am possibly one of the clumsiest students here at Greenwich. I can’t blame the university because they are all my fault! So all I’m saying is if you see me carrying a coffee – watch out! Haha I’m joking I’m not that bad, but still I’m not the most graceful person on this planet, let alone this campus.

In terms of uni work I’m still plodding along doing my dissertation I now have more or less everyone I need for my study but I had a massive gender imbalance and by that I had 10 girls to every 1 guy. But I’m getting there slowly. I will be sure to keep you all posted! I hope you guys are all finding your work alright – we can do this, we’ll get through it together J

Take care guys,