Thursday, 21 March 2013

Almost Easter…

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you are all ok and just think for the majority of us, 1 more week to go :) Yay, the Easter holidays are almost here!! Mum asked me if I was too old to have an Easter egg, obviously I answered ‘no I am never too old’ honestly who is too old to have a chocolate egg?? But this year Easter Sunday is particularly special because it is also a certain someone’s 20th birthday, no names but *cough*Laura*cough* ----  so not only do I get chocolate eggs this year but presents as well, I am mega excited !

So, a lot has been happening at the moment with me, firstly I’m sure like many of you, there has been a mad panic rush to get all of my work in before the Easter break, I can’t believe when we are back it is exam season, where did this academic year go ? I managed to get my Lab Report 3 in on time (The Paranormal Project) so I am relieved !!

Secondly, I went for an interview for Childline to be a volunteer counsellor and I got it :D, although some calls I know will be tough I’m looking forward to getting experience and helping those who need it. Anyone on the Psychology with Counselling course I would definitely recommend applying to any organisation like this to volunteer your time once a week, not only are you helping others but you are also making yourself stand out in a very competitive area of work.

The reason I am posting my blog this week instead of next is because I am going to hospital for the week, not to have an operation or anything serious like that. Basically I have been noticing I have been really tired these past few months even when I have slept a whole night through, I was literally falling asleep everywhere and eventually I realised it wasn’t just the amount of work we had to do which was making me tired LOL.

I have now been diagnosed with something called REM behaviour disorder -I know, I had no idea what that was either- but it basically means in the REM stage of sleep (the part where we dream) I am partially conscious and am basically missing out on a certain part of my sleep mentally even though physically I appear to be sleeping. Next week I am going for a sleep study to monitor it and will then be on tablets, but I am totally fine just very sleepy. The only downer is I have to wear electrodes on my head for a night or two ha-ha I’m going to look stunning. I’m sure you will see a photo of me like it in one of the blogs in April, as my friends are set on taking a photo of me and putting it on Facebook, how embarrassing.

Right guys that’s it from me for this term, I will be blogging in April with an update from my sleep study and also with some tips to keep calm during revision and exam stress. I hope you all have an amazing break and I will talk to you really soon. Have a fab Easter hols.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Want to Work For Greenwich?

Hey Guys,

Hope you all are well and good, there was me enjoying our lovely weather and bursts of sunshine, I even sat outside on campus during breaks and then sadly here we are back to rainy old England :( 

As most of you know we had an Open Day last weekend which I worked at on reception for the Avery Hill Campus, it was so fab to see loads of interest for Greenwich and I love the fact that across all three of our campuses students and staff come together to showcase the University to prospective students. To all prospective students I hope you enjoyed your day and really got a feel for what the university is like; if you missed it not to worry at all as we have another open day coming up on the 13th of April 10am-3pm.

I also went to help out at the UCAS convention, for those of you who don’t know what that is it’s where all the Universities across the country come together and have stalls set up and prospective students take a look around and ask all the questions they want to. It was a great day but also extremely hectic. Thinking back to when I was applying for university I never even knew those conventions existed so if you guys no anyone thinking of applying to university in the next coming years I would defiantly recommend them attending. The student ambassadors / events assistants for our University also worked on behalf of UCAS across the four days, so we basically proved that the University of Greenwich are the business!! J

This University does a great job in making sure that as many of our students that want to be, are employed. We offer loads of opportunities whether it’s working at the campus shops, working as events assistants, student ambassadors or on the clearing hotline (like I did last summer) etc., the opportunities are there to make that possible. If you fancy having a look at the current vacancies the University has to offer click on this link and register and have a look to see if any jobs stand out to you and if they do go ahead and make an online application.

That’s it from me today guys, Take Care.



P.S. The blonde girl in that picture is meeeeeee J I Love representing Greenwich (and posting pictures of myself-clearly) haha speak soon.