Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Off to Paris

Hey Lovelies,
Hope you’re all good and not finding your uni work too hard, this second year in Psychology has been totally different from the first in a lot of ways, mainly because we have much more work, which means me and my friends on the course, Jack and Amy, have been pulling a lot of late nighters to try and get it all done. If I was going to give you any advice it would be to work with your friends on assignments and revision etc. Obviously by that I don’t mean do the exact same thing as that would be plagiarising to the max, but last year we found we definitely did a lot better because we had helped each other out.
Amy is the queen of Statistics, Jack is amazing at Counselling and I just rely on them to get me through it, JUST KIDDING, I tend to be good at the writing side of things, I know you wouldn’t have thought so reading my blogs ha-ha! My point is together we believe ‘we could take over the world’, now this may be a bit extreme, but we could certainly help each other to get out degree J so it is something I would defiantly recommend.

^^^^Me, Amy & Jack at Kelly Clarkson on Saturday ^^^^
Next Monday, I’m off to Paris for 4 days and literally cannot wait I’m so excited as I’ve only ever been there once for like 2 hours so this will be amazing. I’m going with Mumma Rumbles for a girly week, so will be really nice. It will put my GCSE French to the test; the problem is I can say quite a bit in French but I do it in my dodgy Dartford/London accent, so it doesn’t sound very fluent haha.

I will tell you all about it when I’m back speak to you soon lovelies, have a good week.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hey Lovelies,
Hope your all doing well J , unfortunately I’ve been a very poorly girl this week, at first we just thought it was just the bug that’s going around, but I went for lots of tests and it turns out it was a tropical virus I picked up last year in Florida ?? FLORIDA -- of all places, when you hear about tropical viruses you assume people get them in the Amazon or something!! Anyways apparently it can last on and off for two years, yay :/ but I am feeling a little bit better now, so I’m sure I will be back to my usual sparky self in no time !!
Ooo also I went on an adventure the other day, it will seem lame to you guys but I was mesmerised I looked like a tourist, where was my big adventure too?? The Greenwich campus. Now whoever studies / stays there you may not realise this but you are so lucky, I mean I love Avery Hill but Greenwich was amazing, it was my first time there. I literally wandered round with wide eyes gaping and taking photos of everything, it’s stunning. But I did look like those tourists you see there. 

Ok so you may call me a geek, which is fine because I am well aware that I am one and I kind of embrace it now,  but at one stage I felt like I was in FAME the musical, I walked past the music classes and there was different music and singing in each one as I walked by. I half expected to be standing there and a flash mob to come out and start dancing on the green in front of me. Needless to say I’m a lover of music and I was in heaven.

I have been made a student ambassador for the University with the Education Liaison Unit, and I absolutely love representing our university, I am really glad I chose to come here. Not only does it have beautiful campuses and top notch staff it also has the best students over any university (obviously I’m biased but it is true) J
Right Guys that’s all from me today, hope you are all good, if you do fancy keeping updated with my blog posts feel free to subscribe, I’d love it if you did.

Speak Soon