Thursday, 29 May 2014

My University Story

Hey Lovelies,

Today I am going to talk to you about my university story; I know I keep you updated on a monthly basis but as my time at the University of Greenwich is drawing to a close, I wanted to talk to you about why I made the decision to come to University and about the past three years I have been studying here.

So I was studying my A-Levels at a school in Dartford and towards the end of my time there still had no idea what I wanted to do. I literally applied to University thinking there was no way in the world I would get in. Anyways come results day I was in Florida with my family and my mum came in after speaking to my Nana and told me that my first choice Greenwich had accepted me onto the BSc Psychology with Counselling- I was convinced she was lying but then I read my emails and saw it was true. I couldn't believe I'd made it into a University. I had gone through some personal struggles that year so to find out I now had been given such an amazing opportunity was kind of like an eye opener to me- that I had underestimated myself. 

I still remember my first day here, feeling like a little kid starting school all over again and not knowing anyone- but I met a group of people and made 2 amazing friends that I know will be part of my life forever (whether they like it or not) Jack & Amy.

My course was amazing and I promise I'm not just saying that- I have seriously learnt so much and met some amazing people and have been taught by some of psychology’s best academics. I have literally loved my time here, hence why I don't ever want to leave. Obviously there have been some hard times, being in the library at 3am isn’t ever fun but it was all worth it in the end. All of the hard work paid off…

So at about 9am this morning I found out what not only I got for my dissertation but also what I got (roughly) for my whole degree. I got a high 2:1 for my dissertation and a 2:1 overall for my degree and I never believed that I would ever be able to achieve that. I can't believe three years have already whizzed by and my time as a University student is complete. I have met some amazing people during my time here and whilst I'm not leaving yet (I still work for the Enquiry Unit) - my time as a BSc Psychology unit has been an unforgettable experience. To any prospective students out there I’d definitely say to apply for Greenwich – trust me when I say you won't regret it :) Here is me talking about why my decision to choose Greenwich, was the right one: 

That’s all from me today guys, as I mentioned I will still be working here this summer so you haven't heard the last from me yet haha.

Take Care,



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