Friday, 25 July 2014

Waiting for Graduation…

Hi Guys & Gals

How are you doing? I hope you are good and enjoying the summer break. I have been back working as one of the Clearing team for a couple of weeks now and it’s already been a laugh as it’s the first time this year all of my colleagues in the office have been together. The pace is gradually starting to pick up on the number of people, who have started to apply through Clearing so if you want a place at this University give us a call. For more info on the courses we have available have a look here: 

- (Yes there is someone on that page that may seem familiar, I apologise in advance for those photos- they are old and not my best- don’t let that put you off applying haha.)

So on Facebook, Twitter etc… I’ve been seeing everyone’s graduation photos and I am SOOOO jealous, I feel like I have to wait forever for mine. Ok, I’m being overdramatic it’s in October, but still I see everyone having all of their lovely photos in the sunshine and I wish it was me, knowing my luck it will be torrential rain on the day of my graduation, that will make for a great photo lol.

But nonetheless I am very excited for graduation and from what my friends have been telling me happens during the ceremony, it is very likely that I will cry (when do I not lol). I’ve already bought my dress and everything which is hilarious because the box office for the October ceremonies hasn’t even opened yet so I don’t even have a ticket, but hey I got my dress so it’s fine, right?  I can’t wait to actually put on the gown and everything and to finally celebrate properly my time here at Greenwich. I’m just worried that because my surname is Rumbles I will be towards the end of the people accepting their awards- I mean my dad could be asleep by that point so I may have to shout when I’m walking up lol. That being said I can’t wait to see all of the people on my course again and to become the ‘Class of 2014’.

I’m just worried that when we all come out my dad will say some cheesey speech like ‘we are so proud of you’- don’t get me wrong that’s lovely to hear and all but still it might be embarrassing. Bless him!

Right guys that is all from me today, I hope those of you that are graduating have a perfect day and enjoy yourselves (don’t trip over! hahaha).

Take Care lovelies,



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